USS Guide (MSO-447)

( One Who Leads or Directs Another )



Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal


01-JUN-1965 30-JUN-1965

National Defense Service Medal

Vietnam Service Ribbon

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with 60's device

08-MAY-1970 08-JUN-1970
06-JUL-1970 05-AUG-1970

Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Medal Color, with Palm Unit Award

USS Guide Ribbons

Vietnam Service


USS Guide Service

Defense 26-JUL-1965 02-AUG-1965 
18-SEP-1965 05-OCT-1965
Counter Offensive, Phase II 27-FEB-1967 16-APR-1967 
Counter Offensive, Phase III 05-MAY-1967 20-JUN-1967
28-JUL-1967 11-SEP-1967
Sanctuary Counteroffensive 07-MAY-1970 11-JUN-1970
Counter Offensive, Phase VII 06-JUL-1970 06-AUG-1970
Consolidation I 28-SEP-1971 03-NOV-1971
Consolidation II 28-NOV-1971 10-DEC-1971

A small "Bronze Service Star" is placed on the Vietnam Service Medal and Ribbon for each official "Named Campaign" during the Vietnam War.  A small "Silver Service Star" denotes (5) Named Campaigns.  The USS Guide was involved in (8) Campaigns so she earned (1) Silver Service Star and (3) Bronze Service Stars.  See the (17) Named Campaigns here:

Find the USS Guide "Unit" Awards and Vietnam Service Dates at this page.  Once there Click on the "G" for the Guide:



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