USS Guide (MSO-447)

( One Who Leads or Directs Another )

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Frank Acuna, RM1 ( 1957-1960 )


redmartin.jpg (9744 bytes)

Otis "Red" Martin, DC1, ret, ( 1955-1959 )

Courtesy of Albert Moore


levesque.jpg (14557 bytes)

David "Jerry" Levesque, BM2, Japan 1959

Courtesy of Albert Moore


pocs.jpg (11699 bytes)

Joe Pocs, RMSN,3,2nd class, ( 1957-60 )


( l-r )

Hines SK2, Jones SN, Hodgman ETR3, EM Club Chief,

King YN2, Barker RDSN, Fetters SO1, Hall RD1, Foster SO3

Subic Bay PI

Courtesy Albert Moore


wpe2.jpg (11530 bytes)

Ken Shofter, GMG 2

USS Guide  ( 1966-67 )


USS Guide's Officers and Senior Petty Officers 1967-68

Ships Officers ( l-r )
LCDR C.W.Woods, Commanding Officer
Ens. M.T.Leonard, Supply Officer
Ens. R.F.Hoewing, 1st Lt / Gunnery Officer
Ens. M. Coble, Engineering Officer
Lt. Belmont W. Cousins, XO
CPO'sBack Row
E.B. Barnes EMC
Vincent Barone Jr. ENC
First Class Petty Officers
( directly in front of officers )
( l-r )
BM 1 Loy K. Rainwater,
Front Row
( r )
Senio Martinez, Qm 1
(need assistance to fill in the remainder of names)

Courtesy of BMC Loy K. Rainwater

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