USS Guide (MSO-447)

( One Who Leads or Directs Another )

Ships Roster 1958-1959



R.D.Duncan   Commanding Officer  
T.M.White   Excutive Officer
J.R.Mentzer  Operations Officer
N.F.Woods First Lt. & Operations Officer
T.T.Mason Engineer Officer
C.A.Kernan Engineer Officer
S.V.Kistner First LT



Burns,BM1 Martin,DC1 Cunningham,EMC
Baker,BT1 Bryant,SN Levesque,BM2
Knapp,EN2 Palmer,GN3 Thorman,SN
Weatherford,SO3 Lungren,FA Balen,TN
Morrissey,SN Stephens,YN3 Morin,HM2
Acuna,RM1 Robertson,EN3 Smith,EM3
Holt,SN Gonzales,SO3 Wherry,BMSN
Brooks,EN3 Palmer,SN Crossman,DCFN
Messick,BM2 Greene,QM1 Pearcy,FN
Volden,Sk2 Brewer,RM3 Washington,SN
Benavides,SN Lindsay,EN3 Barboni,EN3
Long,EM2 Zane,EMC Gregorn,EN1
Bodkins,FA Happer,FN Servito,SN
Carley,RD3 Johnson,ET3 Hund,FN
Mageau,ET3 Burnett,RDSN Ott,SF1
Myron,SM1 Duttington,SN Owens,SF1
Erickson,ENFN Powell,EMFN Nelson,SN
Armstrong,SD3 Nance,SN Pocs,RM3
Connelly,SN Jersen,ENFN Franklin,SN
Dunhorn,SN Spiska,FN Wood,FA
Smith,FA Carpenter,SN Miller,FA
Dewberry,SN Blackwell,IC2 Crewse,SOSN
Mapes,FA Kimbrell,RDSA Skramstad,CS1
Peterson,CSSN Owens,CSSN Palmer,SN
Abbott,Sn Anselmi,SN Baker,EMC
Batla,BMC Caywood,ENC Fetters,SO1
Hardin,SN Jones,SN King,YN2
Martin,SN Moore,CS3 Newland,SOG3
Patterson,FA Powell,EM3 Price,SN
Sands,GM2 Scholl,EN2 Wetzel,HM!
Newman,SOGSA Epperson,CS1 Enensen,DC1
Grenfell,FA Hodgeman,ETRSN Marak,EM2
Oliver,EM3 Price,SK3 Rodriquez,TN




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