USS Guide (MSO-447)

( One Who Leads or Directs Another )

Ships Roster 1960 -1961

Note: There may be inaccuracies due to the quality of the microfilm copied from and may not be complete.


Hart, George L. LCDR
Moriarty, Norbert LCDR
Miller, Edmund B. LT
Kistner, Stanley V.  LTJG
Gage, Paul R. ENS
Chilcoat, George C. ENS



Abbott, William E. FN
Anselmi, Charles SN
Baker, John EMC
Barker, Edwin A RDSN
Beard, Bernard K. EM3
Benavides, Noel R. SN
Bobiak, Frank  
Bodkins, Kenneth ENFN
Breen, Robert SA
Brummett, Maxie E. FN
Bryant, Gary R. SN
Burchman, Ellis FA
Burnette, Douglas J. RD2
Carpenter, Gene A. SM3
Cartwright, Charles P. EN2
Caywood, Freddie D. ENC
Child, Stephen E.  
Darnold, John C. SM3
Delandrae, Terry SK3
Dodson, William E. FN
Duddington, Tommy L. CSSN
Epperson, Lawrence CSC
Erickson, Jerry M. EN2
Escamilla, Larry D. EM3
Evensen, Donald O. DC1
Fetters, Ralph M. SOG1
Foster, Harold L. SOG3
Frederick, Michael T. ETN2
Garland, Jim IC2
Gimay, Adriand D. TN
Godfrey, James J. FA
Green Willie DC1
Greene Robert G. QMC
Grenfell Dennis J. FN
Gridley Russell SM3
Hall, Don S. RD1
Hamilton, John EMC
Hardin, Floyd BMSN
Hartshorn, Marvin FN
Hastings, Herbert W. FN
Hewitt, Jeruel EM1
Hickman, Leslie W. Jr. BT2
Hiles, Gary E. RM3
Hodgman, Paul E. ETR2
Honeycutt, Edward N. FN
Hund, Wilber P. EN3
Johansen, Keith R. SA
Joiner, Harold W. FA
Kaisler, Duane  
Kimbrell, James K. Jr. RDSN
King, Charles W. YN2
Knapp, Frederick H. EN2
Kofmeal, Frederick W. EN1
Kuts, Wilhelm FN
Landarski, Richard D. SFP
Lee, Loyd J.  
Leonard, Jerry D. EMFA
Levesque, David BM2
Levesque, Henry T. EM3
Lindsey, Wendell D. EN3
Lyles, Willie G. SD2
Marak, Charles A. EM2
Martin, Robert W. SKSN
Miller, Gerald EM3
Mink, Michael W. RM3
Moore, Albert B. CS3
Moore, Joseph A. SN
Morrissey, Lester F. RM3
Mower, John D. EM2
Myers, James HM1
Nagle, Ronald SA
Nance, Lowell M. SM
Nation, Donald L. EMFN
Nelson, Edward J. SN
Newland, John K. Jr. SOG3
Newman, Donald F. SOG2
Parker, Robert L. SA
Patterson, William F. Jr. SN
Peaslee, Rodger C. FN
Peterson, Curtis G. QM3
Piper, Robert L. SA
Powell, Jefferson E. EM2
Pulis, Boone FN
Retel, Larry A. SN
Sands, Lawrence A. GM2
Schaan, Edward SFP2
Scholl, Larry L. EN2
Smith, Darold W. SOG2
Smith, Leslie EN2
Sommers, Edward J. SA
Spicka, Edward R. FN
Stevens, Glen A. ENCS
Tharrington, Russell BMC
Thompson, Melvin R. Jr. BT1
Westervelt, Harry A. IC3
Wharry, Herman E. BM3
Wheatley, Gerald L. EM2
White, Richard L. FN
Whitson, Jerry W. EN3
Wilding, William T. SK2
Wiley Oscar E. RM2
Williams Warren W. IC3
Wise Robert L. SN




Table of Contents


  First Guide    Wooden Boats & Iron Men    Commissioning 

  Photo Album #1    Photo Album #2    Photo Album #3 

  Military Awards    Taps   Member's Photos  

  2004 Reunion Photos   Navy MSO 2005 Reunion   Products List  

  Memorabilia    Links    MSO Photos   1959 WestPac Tour 

  Roster ' 57    Roster '58 & '59    Roster '60 & '61 

  Roster ' 63    Roster '66 & '67    Roster '68 - '70 

  Suggestions on Filing VA Claims 

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